Yacht Charter planning during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Planning Your Next Yacht Charter As Yachting Reopens As The Coronavirus Pandemic Subsides

Countries are rapidly updating their plans to welcome travelers back after the Coronavirus pandemic. We update this page almost daily so that you have the most recent information on COVID-19 openings, restrictions, and regulations from literally dozens of charter destinations worldwide. We recommend you bookmark this page and come back to it frequently while you're planning your charter, or simply contact us so that our experts can talk through the options with you.

Boatbookings is ready! | Recommendations for chartering now | Mediterranean Coronavirus Charter Status and Summer 2020 Openings | Caribbean and Florida Coronavirus Status and Projected Reopenings | Event Charters 2021 | The Safety of Charter Yachts | Yachting Industry Status | Note from Boatbookings

First of all, Boatbookings is fine and ready for you!

Our fantastic Boatbookings Team is working from home and in constant contact with each other and our yacht owners. Because we plan charters worldwide, we are in a unique position to help you navigate to the best places to charter for the remainder of 2020 and throughout 2021. We're 100% ready to help you plan your next charter!

Recommendations for chartering right now

Maldives Yacht Charter

Charter the US Virgin Islands.  The USVI will be fully open on June 1. Major airlines are resuming flights and the Virgin Islands Professional Charter Association has adopted the CDC guidelines for yacht cleanliness and sanitation to ensure safety. We have plenty of great yachts that sail from St Thomas, and itineraries from St Thomas to St John and St Croix.  

Plan long term. The coronavirus epidemic will be over at some point. While you're stuck at home, why not dream of your next charter with your family for Christmas 2020, Spring Break 2021, or Summer 2021? We are in contact with all of the yacht owners and they will be happy to help you plan your charters for these times.

Consider some exotic destinations. How about Thanksgiving or Half Term snorkeling the amazing reefs of Belize? Or Easter 2021 in Tahiti or the Seychelles?

Charter closer to home this summer. If you live in North America and have scrapped the idea of heading to Europe this summer, why not a charter in Maine/New England or sailing the Chesapeake from Annapolis? America offers many extraordinary charter opportunities for the summer. We have created extensive charter itineraries that can help you decide where to plan.

Try something different. How about a regatta charter, where you can be involved in some of the most amazing classic yacht races (and pop a bottle or two of champagne at the end of the day).

Book in charter regions that are not epicenters. Places like the Virgin Islands, Grenadines, and the Bahamas have been relatively untouched by the Coronavirus and were quick to take action to prevent an outbreak. We recommend looking at charters in these areas and can recommend the best yachts in these regions for you. 

Mediterranean Coronavirus Yacht Charter Status and Summer 2020 Openings

Mediterranean Yacht Charter Coronavirus Update

Many of the key charter destinations in the Mediterranean are opening up in May and June 2020. We will update this space for country-specific news, as each country is slightly different.

Croatia. On May 15, 2020, Croatia reopened its borders for luxury yacht charters. Charterers do not need COVID 19-tests and 14-day quarantine is not required. Yachts can move freely between marinas, along the coast and islands of the Croatian Adriatic. Marinas, shops, restaurants, bars, and markets are open.

France. The French Government announced on 3 May that it would not quarantine travelers arriving from the EU, the Schengen area, or Britain due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are looking forward to the re-opening of the amazing French Riviera Charter areas this summer!

French Riviera beach restaurants and bars reopen!! Starting June 2nd, many of the beach bars and restaurants in the Côte d'Azur are allowed to reopen, with most scheduled to be open by June 5th! Seating must be outside and socially distanced.

GreeceGreece clamped down on the virus very quickly and effectively and has seen far fewer cases than many other European countries. Many businesses are reopening May 18. Greece has announced 21/05/20 that they will open for tourism 15 June. Upon arrival, visitors will not need to pass the COVID19 test and there is no 14-day quarantine. Yacht capacity is not affected. Key dates:
- Yachting restrictions will be lifted from the 25th of May.
- ATHENS: restarted regular ferry services to its islands Monday 25 May 
- International flights can land in Athens beginning 15th of June
- International flights can land at all Greek airports beginning the 1st of July.

Italy. Italy will reopen to charters beginning 3 June. Travel to and from Italy and between the country's regions will be allowed from this date. Travelers from EU countries will be able to enter Italy without going into a two-week quarantine. The projected opening of bars and restaurants will be summertime 2020. 

Sardinia is Open! Beginning June 3, Sardinia is open to tourists with no restrictions or quarantine. Taking a test before leaving home is recommended but not mandatory.  Flights from Rome and Milan will begin flying to Sardinia on June 3, with direct international flights are beginning June 15th. Sardinia is currently a COVID-19 free island and is excited to welcome yacht charterers this summer.

Montenegro. Porto Montenegro has reopened and is servicing luxury yachts. 60 shops and boutiques are now open. All employees are conforming to strict government safety guidelines and practicing social distancing.

Spain. Palma, Mallorca authorities have announced that they will run a pilot project at the end of June to begin readmitting tourists. This will be the first act of a phased reopening in the Summer of 2020.

Florida, The Bahamas, and Caribbean Coronavirus Yacht Charter Status and projected Openings

Caribbean Yacht Charter Coronavirus Projected Opening

Many of the key charter destinations in Florida and the Caribbean are beginning to open up.

Antigua - The first International flight from the US will arrive on June 4th. European flights are expected to resume in July, but no official dates are set. Under proposed but not finalized measures, visitors would have to undergo a COVID-19 test at least 48 hours before boarding a flight.

US Virgin Islands (USVI) - The US Virgin Islands are currently open with no restrictions. Please see our new USVI Luxury Itinerary to plan a route for your charter around the gorgeous islands of St Thomas and St John.

The Bahamas - Are set to reopen "on or before July 1" according to the Prime Minister, but have not finalized a date.

British Virgin Islands (BVI) - The British Virgin Islands will open to charterers and foreign visitors on June 1. They should be fully operational for your Christmas holiday - travel starved charterers are booking now for Christmas and New Year - we highly recommend booking soon while the best boats are still available.

Florida - The Florida Keys will reopen June 1.

St Vincent and the Grenadines - Open. You will be required to take a COVID-19 test.

St Lucia - Reopening begins June 4 with limited hotel capacity.

Other Charter Regions

Seychelles - The Seychelles are beginning to relax travel restrictions on June 1, 2020. Only 11 total cases were reported in Seychelles, and all have recovered, leaving no active COVID-19 infections on the islands.

The Maldives - The Maldives are scheduled to reopen their borders in July. No specific date has been set. There will be no additional fees for entering the islands - reports of such fees are inaccurate as confirmed by one of our key charter partners on the islands.

Event Charters - plan for 2021 now

Event Charter

Many important industry events, such as MIPIM and the Monaco Grand Prix, have been moved to 2021. We are already seeing an increase in demand and scramble for the prime yachts and marina berths for these events.

Do you have a major birthday, wedding, or other family event coming up? Think about making it a celebration to remember next time you get friends and family together with a fabulous event celebration charter. We have 15 years of experience planning them in all of the major charter destinations worldwide.

We recommend contacting us soon if you are interested in an amazing Event Charter for 2021.

Charter yachts are viewed as safe "social distancing" places during an epidemic due to their privacy

Yachting in Protected Waters

Unlike cruise ships, where people from disparate locations interact on a daily basis, charter yachts are excellent places to be during an epidemic. They are by nature essentially quarantined and socially distanced because you only come in contact with your own party and members of the crew if you are on a crewed yacht. Charter yachts are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between charters. There are strict protocols for cleanliness and many luxury yachts even purify the cabin air. If you have any concerns or questions about the safety of a particular yacht or location, please contact us

Current Status of the Yachting Industry during the Coronavirus pandemic

Yacht Charter Planning

The yachting industry is relatively stable during this time. The sale and purchase of yachts are on par with last year, and while many charters have moved to different dates, demand remains strong. We expect to see significant demand for all of the best yachts in 2021, as many charters have been pushed into next year which is already filling up calendars. Booking early is our strong recommendation. That will also help you support regions and yachts that have been affected by the downturn. 

A personal note from Tom (Founder) and Capucine (CEO)

Boatbookings and the yacht charter industry have weathered many disruptions to our amazing charter destinations in our 15-year history, and we know that the Coronavirus pandemic will mercifully end at some point. In times like these, we have learned that working closely with our valued clients helps find opportunities within the uncertainty, and pays great dividends when the situation improves.

Our entire team is fully committed to providing the best, most personal charter advice and implementation possible and want to help you re-connect with family and friends! We encourage you to dream ahead and do your planning now when you have time, airfares are low and there is still availability of the best yachts.  So please take a break from binging on Netflix and get in touch so we can book an amazing post-coronavirus charter

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 We'd love to contact you by email about yachts, destinations and offers. Do tick this box if you are happy for us to do so.

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