South Pacific Yacht Charter Guide - Tahiti, Fiji and other Pacific Destinations

Below are our articles about chartering in the glorious islands of the South Pacific, including Tahiti and Fiji.  Our experts will be very happy to help you plan the charter of your dreams to these romatic destinations!

Fiji Yacht Charter Guide
Fiji Overview | Getting to Fiji | Catamarans | Sailing Yachts | Motor Yachts | Fiji Sailing Destinations | Climate | Scuba Diving and Snorkelling | Fijian Cuisine | Our Charter Yachts At Boatbookings, we ...  [Read on] There are 1 additional articles in this category.
Asia Luxury Yacht Charter | Fiji
Fiji the 'Crossroads of the South Pacific', and possibly the most pristine yacht cruising waters in the world. Due to its remoteness, Fiji offers a very special experience, its sailing grounds and dive sites are comple...  [Read on]
Charter a Yacht in Tahiti and the South Pacific
In the vast sapphire blue Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and Hawaii, lie some of the most beautiful, secluded and unspoiled sailing destinations in the world.There are over 20 South Pacific countries encompassing hund...  [Read on]
South Pacific Yacht Charter Guide
Come and see the South Pacific! Tahiti and the South Pacific Yacht Charter | Destinations in the Pacific | Getting There | Activities | Languages | Climate | Our South Pacific Charter Yachts See our South Pacific C...  [Read on] There are 3 additional articles in this category.
South Pacific Luxury Yacht Charters
More and more of the world's most gorgeous luxury yachts can now be found in the South Pacific. Many are now based there permanently, and others come seasonally to explore these gorgeous islands. The attractions are ex...  [Read on]
Charter a Yacht in Tonga
Tonga is the dreamland, full of private, tropical islands awaiting you! The sand disappears into the turquoise oceans, and the trees sway in the sea breeze providing shade and a place to cool down. Lying just east of ...  [Read on]

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