Types of Yacht Charters

The following are articles about many of the key boat and yacht types we have for charter to help you decide which charter boat is right for you.

Luxury Day Charters and Boat Hire
French Riviera|Amalfi Coast|Miami|Greece|Spain|Event Charters About Day Charters |Types of Day Boat Charters | Our Top Day Boat Destinations | TestimonialsTake the worry out of Day Charters | Can you Skipper ...  [Read on] There are 1 additional articles in this category.
Crewed Motor Yacht Charter
About Crewed Yacht Chartering | Boatbookings Specialises in Crewed Yachts | Charter Destinations | Types of Crewed Motor Yacht Charters | How to Charter a Crewed Motor Yacht | Our Charter Yachts  The West...  [Read on]
Luxury Yacht Charter Guide
Yacht Types | How to charter a Super Yacht | Charter Destinations | Next Steps | Our Super Yachts Luxury Yachts will undoubtedly exceed expectations whilst catering to your every need as you cruise to the wo...  [Read on] There are 8 additional articles in this category.
Super Yacht and Luxury Yacht Charter
Super Yachts are the epitome of exclusivity. They offer guests excquisitely decorated staterooms, formal dining areas, vast sundecks, even wellness centers with beauticians, masseuses and dive instructors. They are t...  [Read on]
Yacht Charter for Weddings, Special Occasions, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Honeymoon and Static Charter
About Event Yacht Charter | Corporate Events | Static Charters for Shows | Birthdays | Wedding | Honeymoon EVENT MEGA YACHTS CANNES EVENT YACHTS DAY CHARTER YACHTS When it comes to event...  [Read on]
Bareboat Charter - Monohull Sailboat and Catamaran
What is Bareboating? | Bareboat with a Skipper | Types of Bareboats | Successful Bareboat Charters | Choosing your Destination | Our Bareboat Charter yachts | Boatbookings Bareboat Trips   Bahamas | British ...  [Read on] There are 1 additional articles in this category.
Catamaran Charter and Sailing Vacation Guide
  Why Charter a Catamaran? | Crewed vs. Bareboat Catamaran Charter | Chartering a Catamaran with Boatbookings | Catamaran Interiors and Layouts | Our Catamarans You can charter a catamaran in a number of d...  [Read on]
Honeymoon Yacht Charters
About Honeymoon Yacht Charters | | Our Charter Yachts Indian Ocean | Asia Pacific | Europe | The Americas What better way to start your marriage, than by enjoying a honeymoon yacht charter in your choice of incr...  [Read on]
Bareboat Chartering - the Ultimate Freedom!
Find your paradise in the BVI, discover the enchanting islands of Croatia or Greece framed by blue skies and pine trees or even explore the magical kingdom of Thailand; cast away on a bareboat holiday to enjoy...  [Read on]
Bareboat Catamaran Charter
A Bareboat Catamaran Charter is a luxurious alternative to chartering a Monohull Sailboat. Catamarans, unlike Monohulls of the same size, provide voluminous cabins and extra socializing areas. Some of the 40ft+ C...  [Read on]
Crewed Motor Yacht, Sailing Boat & Crewed Catamarans
Chartering a crewed yacht with Boatbookings is the only way to explore the world's most desirable destinations in your own privacy, comfort and style. For bespoke vacations where you have the freedom to do whatever yo...  [Read on]
Charter Yachts for Events, Corporate Entertainment and Celebrations
About Event Yacht Charter | Yacht Types | Static Charters for Shows | Event Charters | Corporate Entertainment | Next Steps MONACO MOTOR YACHTS CANNES EVENT YACHTS CANNES CREWED SAILING YACHTS ...  [Read on] There are 19 additional articles in this category.
Charter Yachts for Events, Corporate Entertainment and Celebrations
About Event Yacht Charter | Yacht Types | Static Charters for Shows | Event Charters | Corporate Entertainment | Next Steps MONACO MOTOR YACHTS CANNES EVENT YACHTS CANNES CREWED SAILING YACHTS ...  [Read on] There are 19 additional articles in this category.
Power Catamaran Charter
With twin hulls and large lounging areas and cabins as well as a motor, a power catamaran charter is ideal for those love the stability, fuel efficiency and expansive spaces of a catamaran but want the speed a...  [Read on]
Catamaran Yacht Charter Overview
Catamaran charters combine the freedom of sailing with comfort, privacy and large entertaining areas, perfect for families and groups of friends. Catamarans provide much more space than the same sized motor yacht...  [Read on]
Performance Sailboat Charter
The Thrill of Sailing | Sailing Events and Regattas Few other sports or activities combine the qualities of beauty, power, and grace as does the sport of sailing. Perhaps the perfect blend of nature, technology, a...  [Read on]
Crewed Yacht Charter
About Luxury Crewed Yacht Chartering | Boatbookings Specialises in Crewed Yachts | Types of Crewed Charters | How to Charter a Crewed Yacht Crewed chartering combines the service and friendliness of an elegant hot...  [Read on] There are 1 additional articles in this category.
Luxury Crewed Catamaran Charters
  About Crewed Catamaran Charter | The benefits of a Catamaran | Why Crewed? | Chartering a Catamaran with Boatbookings | Honeymoon Charters | Pricing and the Chartering Process | Our Luxury Crewed Catamarans ...  [Read on]
Classic Yacht Charter Guide
The thrill and magesty of a classic yacht charter About Classic Yachts | Chartering a Classic Yacht | Classic Yacht Regattas | Corporate Hospitality and Events | Our Classic Charter Yachts See our classic yachts, w...  [Read on] There are 1 additional articles in this category.
Sailboat Charter and Sailing Vacations
The freedom of a sailboat charter About Chartering a Sailboat or Sailing Yacht | Bareboat, with Skipper, or Crewed | Sailboat layouts and cabins required | What length is right? | Sailing Vacation Destinations | Sai...  [Read on] There are 1 additional articles in this category.
Family Yacht Charter Vacations
Many of our clients ask us if it's a good idea to bring the kids along on a yacht charter - not just for the obvious safety reasons, but because they're worried the kids will feel cooped up on the boat and ruin...  [Read on]
Chartering with Groups of Friends
We see it daily - groups of friends who charter together and not only have the vacation of their lives but build much deeper friendships because there's just something magical about being on a yacht. There's no bet...  [Read on]
Charter a Yacht Before You Buy
Take the risk out of buying a boat, rent one first! Are you thinking about buying the yacht of your dreams? If so, we recommend that you charter that make and model first, just to make sure you know all about it bef...  [Read on]
LGBT Friendly Yacht Charters
  We can offer yachts based worldwide, from the South of France to Greece, Turkey, the Amalfi Coast, the Caribbean, and even Singapore. Wherever you want to charter, our team of expert brokers are on hand...  [Read on]
Diving Yacht Charters
If you are chartering a yacht, it is without a doubt because you love spending your time in, and around, the sea. One of the best things about being on a yacht is the easy access to water, which is perfect for sp...  [Read on]
Bareboat Motor Yacht and Power Boat Charter
What could be better on your next holiday or vacation than to spend a day (or two) on a charter motor yacht zipping around from island to island or beach to beach? Whether cruising from Cannes to St Tropez, Ibiza to Fo...  [Read on]
Spa and Wellness Yacht Charter
And relax...! They go perfectly together - relaxation on a beautiful yacht combined with a massage and wellness spa regime. What could be better to help people relax and recharge? It is often the case that you go on h...  [Read on]
Charter Yachts Carrying More Than 12 Passengers
Motor yacht O MEGA, available for Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix, can carry up to 270 day guests, or 28 overnight guests in 14 cabins. "Why can't I have more than 12 people on this yacht...  [Read on]
Tropical Christmas Yacht Charter
Do you hate the rain, slush and snow that you have to put up with every winter? Chartering a yacht is the best way to escape it all! Imagine you and your family this Christmas... enjoying accommodation, cuisine and...  [Read on]
Charter a Fishing Boat for Deep Sea Fishing!
There is nothing quite like the thrill of reeling in a Marlin, Tuna, Barracuda or Swordfish! Today's boats offer sophisticated equipment, speed as well a great comfort to make the most of your fishing excursion. Deep S...  [Read on]
Green Chartering and Yacht Carbon Offsets
Yacht carbon emissions are becoming an extremely important issue for all charters - it is great to be out on the water but important to reduce or offset the emissions created. If this is a topic that interests you re...  [Read on]
Crewed Luxury Sailing Yachts
A luxury sailing yacht charter is a truly spectacular experience, no matter whether you're an experienced regatta sailor and you're looking to take part in the St Barth's Bucket or prefer the tranquil waters of...  [Read on]
Crewed Luxury Catamaran Charter Overview from Boatbookings
Catamaran LIR Luxury catamarans offer the perfect holiday or event charter - they combine the thrill of sailing with great comfort, service, cuisine and privacy. On luxury catamaran charters the crews, often very e...  [Read on]
Top Charter Yachts for Foodies and Gourmet Charters
Dining onboard your Superyacht! For those of you who are foodies, below is a selection of our favorite yachts that offer gourmet chefs and amazing food. Many chefs have won prestigious awards at yacht charter shows, a...  [Read on]
Super Yacht and Mega Yacht Charter
Super Yachts are the epitome of exclusivity. They offer guests exquisitely decorated staterooms, formal dining areas and vast sundecks. Whether you want wellness centers with beauticians, masseuses or dive instru...  [Read on]
Memorial Charter Yachts
For many, the Ocean is one of the most peaceful places on Earth, an endlessly blue, still and calming force. The Ocean holds a special place in many peoples' hearts and it is for this reason that many wish to be laid...  [Read on]

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