Bareboat Sailing Itinerary around the Saronic Gulf, Greece

Poros, one of the main ports in the Saronic Gulf for your charter

A Week Sailing the Saronic Gulf

Athens to Methana: 25 Nautical Miles

Athens is the common starting point for charters in the Saronic Gulf, but it is also worth spending a few days here either before or after your charter to explore the home of the Acropolis. Methana lies on the volcanic peninsula, with over 30 known volcanic vents, and the hot springs are known for their healing powers.

Methana to Hydra: 16 Nautical Miles

A cosmopolitan island, Hydra is a popular weekend getaway which is famous for its lack of cars and nightlife. There are plenty of donkeys to replace the cars though! It’s worth a stroll around the island to take in its 19th century architecture.

Hydra, a typically greek town in the Saronic Gulf

Hydra to Spetses: 16 Nautical Miles

Spetses is located at the entrance to the Argolic Gulf, and, just like most of the islands in the area, it has a rich history related to the Greek War of Independence. Learn about the island’s culture in the History and Folklore Museum as well as visiting the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos.

Spetses to Poros: 32 Nautical Miles

Rich in vegetation, Poros is only two hundred metres off the mainland. Explore the variety of the architecture on the island, complete with clock tower built in 1927. View the Temple of Poseidon and articles which have been found in the small archaeological museum.

Poros to Aegina: 17 Nautical Miles

Aegina has a thriving sailing scene and the cosmopolitan island is common point of call for charters returning to Athens. The main town has plenty of tavernas (small Greek restaurants) where you will find fellow sailors to swap stories with. Take a trip to the Temple of Athena Aphaia, an impressive temple from 500 BC.

Colourful roofs and buildings in the town of Aegina

Aegina to Athens: 13 Nautical Miles

Return to base in Athens on your final day of sailing. But do not fear, there are plenty of other Greek islands for you to visit on your bareboat charter, so you can start to plan your next vacation with the help of our handy distance calculator!

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