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About Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Yacht Carbon Offset

reduce CO2 emissions - help the penguin!

Whenever you use a motor on a yacht, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is emitted into the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide has been scientifically linked to Global Climate Change and Warming. With the worldwide concern about Carbon Emissions, we wanted to help our Charterers to be able to have a fantastic charter while also being friendly to Mother Earth.

Fortunately, there are a variety of organizations that allow you to buy "carbon credits" to offset the emissions you create while chartering. The United Nations works with many charities and NPOs to certify projects that will reduce carbon emissions. Projects such as building electricity generating dams that will replace carbon fuel (coal) burning electrical generation. Wind farms. Tree Planting, etc.

Measuring Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are directly proportional to the amount of fuel burned by your yacht's motor. In general, burning a gallon of gasoline produces 19.564 pounds of carbon dioxide. You might be surprised that a gallon of gasoline that weighs 6.3 pounds produces such an enormous amount of CO2 - the reason being that the process of burning combines the gasoline with many times its weight in Oxygen.

Carbon Offset Calculator

Knowing this, we can easily and accurately predict or measure your carbon emissions. We know the amount of fuel that most of our boats burn per hour - so that multiplied by the number of hours you cruise will predict your carbon footprint (and amount of offset necessary). Alternatively, at the end of the charter just add up the number of gallons or liters of fuel burned (if you bareboat you will have them, if you have a crew, just ask the captain for the amount of fuel consumed).

We use the above information to calculate the carbon credits you need to purchase. As a very quick calculation, consuming 100 liters of fuel will produce 516 pounds of emissions, which will cost approximately £1.76/€2.51 or $3.52 to purchase carbon offsets. Similarly 50 gallons of fuel burned will create 978 pounds of emissions, costing £3.33 or €4.75 or $6.66. A small cost to do your part to reduce Climate Change!

Carbon Offset Calculator

Boatbookings is dedicated to helping us all keep the planet green and has developed a handy calculator to help our customers understand the cost of carbon credits which will offset the carbon footprint of a charter.

Use The BoatBookings Carbon Offset Calculator

Low Carbon Emissions Chartering

The best way to charter with low carbon emissions is to charter a sailboat - monohull or catamaran! While the motor will create a small amount of CO2, you will generally be using the best renewable source of energy known to man, the wind!

Beyond using wind as your sole propulsion, certain engines pollute less than others. 4 stroke engines, because the gasoline does not need to be mixed with oil, produce much lower emissions than 2 stroke engines. Fuel injected engines produce fewer emissions than those with carburetors. And wind assisted yachts, that run on both sail and motor, emit less than pure motor boats.

Hybrid sailing yachts for charter

We have several excellent charter boats that are designed to be environmentally friendly. These boats use electric motors instead of gasoline, and the spinning props regenerate the batteries while sailing, similar to a hybrid car. So they effectively are "Green" Boats that produce almost no carbon emissions at all! Some are even efficient enough to offer air-conditioning, so you can have comfort with no negative environmental impact. The leading production boat is the Lagoon 420 Hybrid , several of which we have in the BVI and elsewhere.

Lagoon 420 (4 cabin) - Tortola | Lagoon 420 - 3 Cabins - A/C - Tortola | Lagoon 420 (4 cabin) - BVI

See all of our low carbon emissions yachts

What are the Credits used for?

green wind turbine

Your credits are used to build wind generation plants, replant rainforests, create bioenergy, install efficient lighting, among many others. Each project creates real reductions in CO2 that would not have happened otherwise. Projects are funded around the world, wherever funding goes farthest and has the greatest impact.

We work with Climate Care a pioneering company who researches, funds and measures these projects. For detailed information on these projects, click here.

Offsetting your emissions - What Boatbookings can do for you

If you would like to charter "Carbon Neutral", Boatbookings will help you balance out your emissions with Carbon Credits. We will calculate/estimate your emissions, add the relevant amount to your charter fee, and pay this to a UN or Government accredited organization that deals with carbon offsets. So you can charter with the peace of mind that you are not contributing to Global Warming!

Just let your agent know that you are interested in Carbon Offsets when booking your charter, and we'll take care of the rest. Thanks for working with us to help reduce Climate Change!

Use the Boatbookings Carbon Offset Calculator

Green Chartering

Besides Carbon Offsetting, there are many things you can do to help preserve the environment while enjoying you charter holiday. These include reducing the amount of plastic consumed by bottled water, chartering on more eco-friendly yachts, and reducing waste/recycling wherever possible. We've created a page to discuss these activities - please feel free to read our Green Yacht Chartering Guide. And please let us know of things you're doing to help the environment! We'll gladly pass them on.

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